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Candle Care

Article White Candle Care

At Article White all our products are entirely hand poured using a blend of natural products and as such each product can vary slightly in colour and making.  We strive to produce the best product for you to enjoy in complete ease. But even the best home fragrance products need that little bit of extra care from you…

Here are our top tips to maximise your Article White candle experience and maintain their high quality for longer… 

  1. On your first light, allow the candle to burn for a minimum of 2-4hrs, long enough for the top layer of wax to melt fully across the surface, leaving a clear liquid pool. This in turn ensures subsequent burns follow suit and will help minimise tunnelling.
  1. In order to gain the maximum amount of burn time of each candle, ensure to regularly trim the wicks to approx 0.5cm, remove any black sooting and keep the jar covered when not in use.
  1. In general, burn your candles for 2-4hrs at a time on a flat, sturdy, heat resistant surface, away from open windows or draughts which can cause an uneven burn.  
  1. Our regular 210g candles should be burned for a maximum of 4 hours at a time, and of course never left unattended.
  1. And finally, as your Article White candle concedes to its final few flutters...don't despair for once cooled down and hand washed, your much loved Article White glass jar can be upcycled with flowers, make up brushes or bedside knickknacks. Sustainability is key!